General Sites

Bringing Earth Science to Life
Provides over one hundred classroom-ready activities that have been used successfully and fine-tuned in EdGEO teacher workshops all over Canada, plus provides information on the EdGEO funding and available funding for workshops.

Putting the Earth into Science
Activities developed to integrate aspects of Earth science into Canadian high school physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics curricula; many can be easily adapted to middle years-junior high curricula.

Geoscape Canada
This site provides links to posters and other information that explains the landscapes, earth and water resources, and natural hazards of many Canadian communities.

The National Atlas of Canada
Lots of interesting information; geology is buried under "Environment":
Info on different types of rocks and a map showing distribution in Canada:

Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan
Several topics related to Earth Science are included; easiest access is through "Geography" in the Subject index.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum
Teacher's Guides to Saskatchewan's geologic history, including information on rocks, fossils and glaciation:

What On Earth
A Canadian newsletter for the earth sciences.
1989-2001 issues are archived at:
2002-2007 issues are archived at:

“a fun, interactive destination for kids to discover the exciting world of science” developed by the Science Alberta Foundation

The Earth Through Time
Online resources based on Earth Science textbook "The Earth Through Time" by Harold L. Levin, published by Wiley.

Earth Science World Image Bank
Hundreds of Earth Science images.

British Geological Survey
Useful site with information and downloads on fossils, rocks, geological timescale, volcanoes, earthquakes and geo-tourism in Britain.

USGS Educational Sites
Web site of the U.S. Geological Survey. Lots of great info, e.g. explains plate tectonics with impressive schematics and photos; discusses effects of earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis on people. Includes lesson plans (The Learning Web).

American Geological Institute
PDF copies of booklets that provide comprehensive information on various resources (e.g. coal, petroleum, metals, water) and environmental concerns related to each resource.

Jason Project
An American site with high quality information and activities that can be adapted to Saskatchewan curriculum. Topics covered include weather, ecology, energy and geology. Curricula embeds "cutting-edge research from NASA, NOAA, the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Geographic Society and other leading organizations" and challenges "students to apply their knowledge to the real-world scenarios scientists face every day."

RESGI (Resources for Earth Sciences and Geography Instruction)
This site contains many useful web links.

Earth Learning Ideas
This is a global web site that publishes Earth-related teaching ideas designed to be practical resources for teachers. These activities cover a wide range of topics, most of which could be adapted to fit Saskatchewan curriculum.

Earth Science Literacy Principles: The Big Ideas and Supporting Concepts of Earth Science
This document provides and excellent summary of Earth Science concepts that have international application. It was prepared under the Earth Science Literacy Initiative which is funded by the National Science Foundation in the United States.

Canadian Geoscience Education Network (CGEN)
CGEN is a volunteer organization with almost 500 members; membership is free and open to anyone with an interest in Earth Science. To join, email

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